If you are already passionate about online trading and especially the way cryptocurrency trading works, then this course is the right one so you can perfection your trading skills and strategies. You will fully understand what an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is, and how it works. This course is dedicated to teach you to get into crypto trading strategies and ICO investments so you can be independent in placing profitable trades in day trading. You will learn trading strategies that many successful traders have implemented in their trading practice.

Course Content

  • What you will learn?

    How to invest in an ICO or Cryptocurrency and what’s the difference between ICOs and traditional fundraising

    Put theory into Action, know when to make a trade and when to avoid.

    Have a full understanding of a profitable Trading Strategy

    Apply different valuation methods under different strategies.

    Formulate your own Trading Plan to help you trade with confidence

    Recognize Trading opportunities on the Chart

    How to increase profits from winning trades through Advanced Risk Management

    When to place Stop - Loss Orders and Realistic Take - Profit Targets

    Gain the knowledge and skills you need to trade professionally.

  • Who this course is for:

    Investors who want to make money through online trading

    Anyone who wants to Trade the Cryptocurrency Market & ICO Investing like a Pro

    Traders who want to enhance their Cryptocurrency & ICO knowledge and skill-set

    Anyone who want to learn about Professional Trading Strategies

    Experienced traders who want to become consistently profitable

    This Course is NOT for Absolute Beginners to Cryptocurrency Trading


  • Access to a computer with good internet connection

  • Basic Cryptocurrency Knowledge.

  • Basic technical analysis skills

  • Availability of at least 30 minutes time per day through the course duration for the live sections

  • Strong determination to study and learn

  • A bank account for the crypto buy and sell

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This course includes:

  • 5 divided sections
  • 30-45 min live course
  • Access in desktop & mobile
  • Live Account Opportunity

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